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Sun Mar 23, 2014

A great day in D Room Recording Studio!

It was a great day in D Room Recording Studio!!! I recorded my songs with such a great musicians as Hervé Jeanne (b.), Steve Sinkovics (p.) andTimo Warnecke (dr.). Guys, I'm very grateful to you for having an opportunity to share with you a part of my world!
Special thanks to Clemens Damerau!

Fri May 9, 2014

Great news from Berklee College of Music!

I have been selected to receive a scholarship to attend the Master in Contemporary Performance 2014/15.

Wed Oct 1, 2014

...just arrived to my apartment after the Bachelor Concert at the Jazzclub Hanover.

Tonight we played arrangements of my compositions, which I arranged for septet as well as modern jazz songs. I want to thank all my family members, friends, profs and people who truly believe in me and whom I can share my gift with love!!! I feel joy in every cell of my body, it's very powerfull feeling )))

Mon Apr 20, 2015

Unforgettable moments during the workshop with Billy Hart...

Thank you Billy for your fine sence of humor, your big heart and your feedback to me!!! It was a big pleasure to sing a couple of standarts with you on drums...I'm happy to meet such great personalities and musicians! Unforgettable moments during the workshop with Billy Hart...

Wed Jun 3, 2015

Tonight was a great concert with the huge orchestera!

We played the programm Magical Mistery Tour (Beatles) from the repertoire of the Metropole Orchestra! Many thanx to Dr. Raphael Thöne and Jörm Markussen-Wulff for organisation, conducting, and the pleasure to sing in this project )